Custom Website Design


Custom Website Design

A custom website is perfect for any company who wants to use the internet to help bring in more business. These sites are built by one of our professional designers who work right along with you during the entire construction process to develop a look that's unique to your company, and built to your specifications. With on-page search engine optimization, dedicated service pages, and the ability to add features such as social media and media galleries, custom sites can be made into marketing machines.

These sites are built 100% custom and to your specifications. Your designer will start working right away on a couple of design concepts to better hone in on the style you want for your website. Once the layout has been finalized, your developer will get to work coding the pages, adding the images, and getting all the navigation working. Before the site is launched, you'll have an opportunity to check over the new website and make any last-minute changes before we send it to our editor for a final review.

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Why A Custom Website Design?

By hiring Mainstreetâ„¢ to design your custom website, you're taking a very large step in marketing your company online. Your website is the backbone of your online marketing and should be unique so it clearly reflects your company. Your business isn't "just another glass shop" is it? Why should your website be? With custom designed graphics, pages, and layouts, we can help you build a strong online presence that will help to bring in new customers for years. Unlike a template site, custom websites can be expanded easily to accommodate companies with a variety of services, such as a glass shop that does more than install windshields. With dedicated service pages, custom sites allow you to focus more content on the services, which helps you show up when someone looks for those services in a search engine like Google.

Other features that are available to custom websites include:

  1. Slide Shows & Galleries - Let your website showcase some of your best work.
  2. Custom Graphics - Our team can create buttons and graphics specifically for use in your custom website.
  3. Search Engine Optimization - Having a website that looks great is a start, but getting it found by people searching online is what will make you money.
  4. Social Media Integration - Are you using Facebook, Twitter, or other social media in your online marketing? Tie it to your website with social media integration.
  5. Mobile Ready Designs - You need to have a mobile version of your website for people that visit your site using a smartphone or tablet.
  6. Add video, custom images, and more - Your site should be a reflection of your company. With a custom website you can add videos, radio ads, your pictures and just about any other form of media you can think of.

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