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Ace Glass Company, Inc.
Sep 21, 2012

Mobile Websites: Why You Need One

Let's face it... mobile technology is here to stay. We are in an age where someone's cell phone is just as, if not more powerful, than the computer they have at home. What are you doing with this little piece of common knowledge?


As the number of people who use a mobile device to surf websites keeps growing, we here at Mainstreet™ see opportunity, especially for small businesses. While larger companies are struggling to adjust with the times, small businesses have the ability to quickly adapt and embrace these opportunities, and one of them is designing a mobile website.

The Latest & Greatest: Mobile-First Websites

Responsive websites are the father of mobile-first websites and are VERY similar with one subtle difference. While both of these types of websites will "respond" to a device based on the screen size, mobile-first designs are built with a little more forward thinking. Responsive websites are designed primarily with a desktop in mind. If someone happens to be visiting a responsive site on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet, the site will downsize itself accordingly.

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