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Carren R. - Glass Doctor
Apr 25, 2012

System Requirements

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Glass Software Features

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Glas-Avenue Scheduler software provides point and click control over your daily job schedule. A line for each tech and color coding options for the current job status make it easy to identify a particular scheduled job. Double click the item for a detailed overview of the job, the service location, material requirements, and notes for the technician. Organize your schedule by sequence or time and view by 1/2 day, full day, or month.


How it Works

Scheduler for Glas-Avenue connects to your existing Point of Sale system for point and click scheduling assignment from your quote/work order/ invoice screen.  You can schedule your technicians' jobs by sequence or time and even allow them to update the schedule on-site with Glas-Avenue Tech View!


  • See all the jobs scheduled for any given day at the click of a button
  • View jobs by time slot or job order
  • Schedule technician jobs by either time or sequence; you can also note their vacation time and sick days
  • Set up technicians for the type of job - auto, flat or both
  • Establish weekly goals for the number of jobs and/or sales goals for each technician if desired
  • Assign more than one tech to a specific job
  • Schedule jobs anytime - not just at the time they are created 
  • Make changes to any scheduled job at any time
  • Move the job to a different time slot or to a different day; change the job location or even assign a different technician
  • Keep contact information on all your technicians including cell phones, pagers and email
  • Change the location of a job
  • Color-code the status of each job with colors the user specifies
  • Run reports for your technicians to give them their schedule for the day
  • Print reports that give the current status of all jobs - scheduled or not
  • Print detailed job information on technicians schedule including customer's phone number, address for mobile jobs, parts needed, etc.


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