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Southern Glass
May 18, 2012

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Payroll software for Glas-Avenue™ 9.0 is as easy to set up as it is to use. All tax data is supplied and installed automatically with annual updates provided through web download. Each employee has a pay-code record which tracks withholdings, additions, retirement contributions, and deductions as well as their net and gross pay for the cycle and year to date. At the end of the year, tax forms are pre-configured to meet federal and state filing requirements.


How it Works

Payroll for Glas-Avenue™ makes it easy for a glass company to run and manage its own payroll. Payroll tracks every employee's additions and deductions, instantly applies the appropriate federal, state, and local taxes, and provides a direct feed to General Ledger to keep track of each employee's pay.


  • Print your own Payroll checks
  • Integrate automatically with Glas-Avenue™ Accounting
  • Enter your timecards weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or semi-annually
  • Run the Payroll Cash Requirements Report to quickly see how much your payroll (including liability and withholding taxes) will cost you this pay period
  • Track sick hours, vacation hours, and wages
  • Set up as many standard payroll deductions or additions as necessary, such as tax exempt 401K or gas mileage reimbursements
  • Review your selections BEFORE checks are printed using Payroll-Register / Preview Checks Report
  • Contain all federal, state and local tax withholding rates, unemployment rates and state disability rates
  • Track deposits, checks, other additions and withdrawals to make end of the month balancing a snap using integrated check register system
  • View your current check register balance at any time with the click of a button
  • Correct within seconds a check number or payroll date that was entered incorrectly
  • Maintain unlimited payroll history
  • Set user access to limit ability to view and/or manipulate payroll data
  • Generate numerous Payroll Reports including Employee List, Payroll Departments, Payroll Register, Tax Withholding, Employee History and Quarterly 941
  • Print an approved/certified federal W2


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