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Glass Doctor - Niceville, FL
Oct 01, 2011

System Requirements

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Glass Software Features

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Mailing List

The Mailing List software module for Glas-Avenue gives you the ability to manage your cash customers separately from your account customers.  In addition to being a Marketing tool, it creates a separate database for your cash customers so that they are not a part of your account customers which are managed through Glas-Avenue Accounts Receivable. Mailing List provides an easy way to keep in touch with your customers. Save each customer's contact information to make it easier than ever to build a custom mailing list. Build your mailing list by purchase date, purchase amount, vehicle type, customer zip code, and more.


How it Works

Mailing List for Glas-Avenue helps you stay in touch with your customers by collecting all the customer information from your Point of Sale and allows you to build custom mailing lists based on a set of filters such as the date purchased, the amount of their invoice, the customer's zip code, and even the year, make or model of their vehicle!


  • Let your customers know about other products and services available from your business
  • Communicate with customers you have not seen in your shop for some time
  • Access on-account or cash customers from your customer file
  • Keep a separate database for cash customers so you can market to them
  • Search for records from numerous fields
  • Produce mailing lists by zip codes
  • Produce mailing lists based on actual items purchased or not purchased
  • Mark customers you want to exclude from your mailing list in POS system
  • Print labels on standard Avery type labels in 1, 2 or 3 labels across the page
  • Print labels on your printer or save them to an ASCII file
  • Use the "Mail-Merge" feature in certain Word programs to import names and addresses from your Mailing List 
  • Create, edit and customize Word documents for mail merge printing
  • Keep track of your cash customer information for use on that customer's next invoice with the Mailing List module
  • Print selected on-account customers as well as by customer type or affiliation


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