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Jan 15, 2012

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Glass Software Features

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Glas-Avenue Inventory software is a must-have for glass businesses who want information readily available. The seamless integration of Glas-Avenue Inventory software with Auto Glass Point of Sale and Flat Glass Point of Sale software commits any part for use the second your Point of Sale work order is saved and automatically relieves Inventory stock of the part once the work order is invoiced. If the customer changes their mind, voiding the work order returns that part to Inventory automatically. The link between Glas-Avenue Inventory software and Glas-Avenue Accounting software works just as well. This integration allows you to generate up-to-the-minute Inventory Stock Value, view outstanding vendor purchase orders and even file cost to the Point of Sale Invoice.


How it Works

Inventory for Glas-Avenue receives up to the second information from your Point of Sale to provide you with accurate inventory counts instantly. You can also see what parts are in stock but committed to a work order.  Glas-Avenue Inventory also makes it easy to keep the right stock with automatic reorder points that can be set for anything.


  • Integrate fully with Glas-Avenue POS - inventory quantities are changed as soon as you receive or sell a part
  • Receive instant inventory stock status on any part from the POS program
  • Enter an unlimited number of parts
  • Easily customize the pre-loaded parts file to match your inventory
  • Use the “Related Parts” System to automatically add parts that are always sold together
  • Add auto glass parts that are not provided by Mitchell/NAGS™. You can also add NAGS™ part interchanges
  • Change prices across the board without editing each part individually using Mainstreet's pricing wizard
  • Control how parts are printed on your invoices
  • Set your own reorder points
  • Enter packing slips when you receive stock from your vendors to show how many of each part you received
  • Click a button to “Receive all items" or receive items individually by quantity
  • Adjust inventory to remove stock for a reason other than a sale, such as breakage or a return
  • Utilize reporting features including Activity, In Stock Value, Parts List, Reorder, Status, Vendor List, and more
  • Track the cost of each item from each vendor
  • Track inventory by square foot, linear inch, running foot and more
  • Check costs for OEM parts
  • Look up stock values as of any given date using In-Stock Value report


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