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Troy Auto Glass
May 19, 2014

System Requirements

The minimal and suggested system configuration to get the most out of your Glas-Avenue software


Glass Software Features

Check out all of the features and benefits found in Mainstreet Computer's Glas-Avenue software


Glas-Avenue Features

Below is a list of the NEW features found in Glas-Avenue 9.0.

Point of Sale

  • Added invoice Attachments
  • Added generic Attachments
  • Added Sales-Tax by Jurisdiction (Must turn on configuration option Sales Tax by Jurisdiction)
  • Added ability to pass-back non-edi items as 'betterment'
  • Adding Customers, Insurance, Agents from inside POS will set the correct customer-type
  • Added option for different invoice messages based on store
  • Added option for different signature messages based on store
  • Made Zip-code first field in POS addresses: zip, city, state is the order
  • Added 3 required fields: Auto-Glass: Glass cost, Auto-Glass: Misc. cost, Flat-Glass Cost
  • Added configuration to turn on a Warning Message if Auto-Glass cost is 0.00 and Cost-Plus pricing is turned on (Auto Glass ZERO Costs Warning)
  • Added ability to print signature image
  • Added ability in online ordering to inquire all vendors at the same time
  • Added hours and wages to commission report
  • Changed mileage to seven digits
  • Added appointment window in job schedule section
  • Added new field selection in invoice customization for Insured Balance

Flat Glass Point of Sale

  • Added Regular Gable shape


  • Changed TSR and TL reports to be customizable using Adm/Configuration/Employee Types
  • Combined commission reports into one report
  • Added option to report only 'on-hold' EDI invoices in EDI-Status report
  • Added "Include kit items" option to DOT report to show vendor lot numbers
  • Added customer ID to these A/R reports: Daily Deposit, Aging, Collections, Customer Activity, Customer Payment Analysis, E-Check Transactions, History, Payments, Short-Pay A/R Payments and Statements
  • Added technician selection and sorting to open order report
  • Added Auto/Flat selection to the following reports:
    • POS\Customer Invoice
    • POS\Item Activity
    • POS\Profit report
    • Sales Management\Advertising Analysis
    • Sales Management\Customer Invoice
    • Sales Management\Sales by Region
    • Sales Management\Customer Sales Analysis
    • Sales Management\Customer Sales by Type
    • Sales Management\Daily Sales Analysis

Accounts Payable

  • Printer vendor acct-no on check stub
  • Added warning message if posting AP Invoice to a Revenue Account
  • Added warning message if posting Misc. Check to a Revenue Account
  • Changed Menu label from 'Bank Accounts' to 'Bank Accounts & Credit-Card Accounts'
  • Added bank-rec-# column on the search-list of Daily-Deposit
  • Misc.-Check: Load the invoice reference into check-reference Memo if choosing existing Invoice
  • Added option to re-print a check w/out voiding and re-paying the invoice
  • Added 'Weekly' posting option for Re-Occurring Invoices

Accounts Receivable

  • Added customer Payment notes entry to customer master file (also added pop-up flag)
  • Display (pop-up) customer payment notes when taking A/R payments
  • Collections: Ask user to calculate balances on program entry; Show the Invoice-Number, AR-Debit Reference numbers
  • Added payments by type report
  • Added Email Statements Option and statement email address in Customers Maintenance program
  • Added option to Email Statements to customers setup as 'email'
  • Added Email-Statements Status log report

Purchase Orders

  • Added category-pick for MANUAL-ITEMS so costs will post to correct G/L
  • Added feature to not default the P.O. store when entering packing slips. Option: P.O. No Store Default
  • Added part selection to open PO report
  • Added AP invoice transaction number and balance to Purchase Order report


  • Added Gmail support
  • Added better support for multiple monitors


  • Display 'APPCODE' in the System-Information window
  • Changed pre-update backup to append to backup file
  • Re-Organize ‘configuration options’ by module


  • Added option to set schedule options by store
  • Added purge option with date selection


  • Install no longer deletes user defined codes


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