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Carren R. - Glass Doctor
Apr 25, 2012

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Commission System

commissionsMotivate your employees with the incentive that works – MONEY! Glas-Avenue Commission System is the perfect solution to boost your employees’ productivity which will then increase your profits. This powerful program allows you to set up commission rewards by percentage or whole dollar amount for each job, category, part, and labor effort.

The Commission System takes stress the out of your payroll duties. All commission rewards are figured automatically. The time consuming task of manual calculations are over! You can pay employees based on salary, commission, or a combination of both. Commission System is easy to manage and works smoothly with Glas-Avenue Payroll Module & Time Clock Module™, but can also be used with any other payroll system.

Glas-Avenue Commission System is a simple and effective tool to help you reward your employees for outstanding performance which ultimately impacts your success!

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