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Dec 21, 2011

System Requirements

The minimal and suggested system configuration to get the most out of your Glas-Avenue software


Glas-Avenue™ Accounting

Accounting SoftwareGlas-Avenue™ Accounting software modules give you instant access to all of your accounting activity, making it easy to monitor your profit and loss, daily revenue, expenses, and more. Individual management screens for Payable, Receivable, and General Ledger make it easy to secure your accounting data by allowing access to only the users you choose.

This is not an accounting system built for accountants yet it offers all of the tools, reports, and forms a professional accountant would expect. When you install the Glas-Avenue™  Accounting modules, there is very little setup required to get started. Simply enter your opening balances into the pre-configured chart of accounts, input or import your customers and vendors and start posting. Users with more experience are welcome to customize the chart of accounts using the intuitive management screen. Alternatively, a chart of accounts may also be imported* or completely rebuilt.

As information flows into your Glas-Avenue™ Software's Accounting System, your customer aging, vendor activity, purchase history, and profit/loss reports will begin to take shape. Plus, since Glas-Avenue™ Accounting interfaces directly with all other Glas-Avenue™ modules, all your reports update the second new transaction are posted - no batch postings, exports, or double entries.

* Not all chart of accounts export formats are compatible with Glas-Avenue's General Ledger. Contact Mainstreet to ensure your chart of accounts can be imported.

The Glas-Avenue™ Accounting Software System

The Glas-Avenue™ Accounting System is comprised of three modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger.  Credit Card Swipe can also be added to your Glas-Avenue™ Accounting System.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is used to manage your revenue stream, customer aging, bank deposits, and all other actions related to money coming into your business.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable maintains your daily and monthly expenses including purchases for jobs, equipment upkeep, and all the other expenses incurred by your business. Accounts Payable also features an electronic checkbook, reoccurring invoices, and interfaces with Glas-Avenue™ Purchase Orders.

General Ledger

General Ledger is the glue that holds the Glas-Avenue™ Accounting System together. General Ledger collects all the information from all your Glas-Avenue™ modules, processes it for current balances and makes it readily available to you by year, quarter, month, day, or even individual transaction.

Credit Card Swipe

Credit Card Swipe for Glas-Avenue™ lets you instantly process, deposit, and post a customer's credit card payment. Install the easy to use card swipe to as many workstations as you need.

Double Entry is a Thing of the Past

The Glas-Avenue™ Accounting System is as robust as it is scalable. Glas-Avenue Central allows you to easily integrate numbers from multiple locations into one set of data for an up to the minute snap shot of your company as a whole. View activity for any single location, set of locations, or simply review your bottom line.

Take your system a step further with Glas-Avenue™ Cloud. Glas-Avenue Cloud allows you to connect to your data, no matter how many locations it may include, from anywhere. Check reports, review activity, monitor your balances, and pay bills all in real time from any computer with an internet connection.

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