We love the Glas-Avenue software! There are so many variables with this software that I just d...

Glass Doctor - Fairfax, VA
Jan 15, 2012

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Flat Glass Purchasing

Keep a close eye on your inventory and make sure parts for today's jobs are ordered on time with Inventory and Purchase Orders for Glas-Avenue.

Ordering and tracking parts has never been easier! Flat Glass Purchasing allows you add specific notes to each individual part for future reference. The Item Detail tab can put dimensions in for complete accuracy. The Purchase Order button also gives you a list of each individual part that has been ordered and the status of it. Once all the items are received into Inventory the PO is then closed. When coupled with Glas-Avenue Accounting you can create your Accounts Payable invoice at the same time you receive the product into Inventory.

Glas-Avenue Purchasing allows you to generate valuable reports such as In-Stock Value, Top Parts, and Open POs. These reports will give you instant access to detailed information about what you have received and what you have ordered. You can also run PO reports with a work order number to see purchases related to that work order and easily identify where you are at with that purchase.

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