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Troy Auto Glass
May 19, 2014

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What's New in Glas-Avenue 8

The development team at Mainstreet Computers is constantly working on new features for the Glas-Avenue software system. Mainstreet uses feedback from Glas-Avenue users across the country to determine what new software features would best streamline the day-to-day operations of auto glass and flat glass businesses. In addition to customer requests, advancements in technology helped to introduce many Glas-Avenue features that our customers would never have thought to ask for and now cannot live without.

Below are the latest additions to Mainstreet Computers' Glas-Avenue software:

  • Glas-Avenue Hosted

    Hosted Glass Shop SoftwareGet all the features and benefits  available in the Glas-Avenue software system in a hosted environment. Not only can you access your data from anywhere, but Mainstreet will take care of all your database backups, system updates, and more!


  • Credit Card Swipe

    Credit Card Processing SoftwarePosting credit card payments is now as simple as one swipe! The credit card swipe module for Glas-Avenue software is easy to install and includes a USB-connected credit card swipe that allows you to process and post payments to your work orders instantly.


  • e-Ordering

    Now you can pull the schedule requests from your online auto glass estimator directly into Glas-Avenue Point of Sale! Schedule requests appear in Point of Sale just like your GLAXIS dispatches.


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