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Glass Doctor - Niceville, FL
Oct 01, 2011

System Requirements

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Glass Software Features

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Software for the Glass Industry

The Glas-Avenue™ Software System is a completely integrated business management system specifically designed for auto glass and flat glass businesses.  Glas-Avenue™ for Auto Glass and Flat Glass are packed with features to make your day-to-day operations much easier. 

Does your business offer auto and flat glass services?

Mainstreet's award winning Glas-Avenue™ software was built for you too! No matter what type of glass service you provide, we are confident that Glas-Avenue™ will make your life easier.  After 30 years of business and customer feedback, our Glas-Avenue™ Software System has never been better.

  • Auto Glass Software

    Auto Glass SoftwareAuto Glass Point of Sale provides everything an auto glass shop will need for quoting, invoicing, and processing auto glass insurance claims. A three-step process makes navigating the NAGS list prices a cinch.

  • Flat Glass Software

    Flat Glass SoftwareFlat Glass Point of Sale provides all the tools a flat glass business will need to track the day-to-day quoting and invoicing. An intuitive flat glass parts search makes it easy for your CSRs to quote potential customers without overlooking any additional parts required for the job.

  • Accounting Software

    Accounting SoftwareA glass business may be able to get by with an off-the-shelf accounting package but thanks to the Glas-Avenue™ Accounting system, there is no need.  Side-step generic features and dive into Glas-Avenue™ Accounting -   a system built around the needs of auto glass and flat glass businesses.

  • What's New in Glas-Avenue™

    Whats New in Glas-Avenue™Check out the latest tools and features in Glas-Avenue™: software designed and built for the glass industry.  The latest release of Glas-Avenue™ takes glass management software a step further with great new features not previously available anywhere.

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