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Nacogdoches Auto Glass
Sep 07, 2012

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Glass Software Features

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To be successful, a business owner needs accurate, up-to-date information that is readily available. DataTrax Reporting offers point and click reporting for every aspect of your Glas-Avenue system. Review the day's activity, check on technician efficiency and CSR productivity, monitor your P&L, compare quarters, and more with the click of a button.

Glas-Avenue Hosted software takes management-level reporting a step further. As a business owner, you are no longer tied to your desk! All your history and activity are now readily accessible from anywhere.


How it Works

DataTrax for Glas-Avenue is a whole new way to review your software system's data.  Each Glas-Avenue module provides its own reports but DataTrax takes reporting to a whole new level of detail with options and filters that are not available in any other module.


  • View and print all reports from your desktop in text format or in pie chart or graph form
  • Run reports in detail or summary
  • Export all reports to Excel if desired
  • Easily generate report by selecting your report type, date range, print or view, and text or graph form
  • Take information from POS to evaluate the return on your advertising investment
  • Evaluate sales and completed jobs to pay your Techs and CSRs by commission while tracking their work and productivity
  • Analyze your sales and discover who your best customers are
  • Know specifically what your most frequently sold parts are
  • Know what specific 'areas' (i.e. zip codes) generate the most income for you
  • Have a handle on manual price overrides - who is doing it, how often, and what the amounts are
  • Comprehensive Sales Reports include: Daily and Monthly Sales Analysis, Monthly Sales Comparison, Customer Sales Analysis, Customer Payment Analysis, Sales by Region and more
  • Generate other reports including: Advertising Analysis, CSR and Technician Productivity Reports, Top Parts and more
  • Run a cash basis Sales Tax Report
  • Run reports that do averages based on number of work days in the week, not necessarily seven days


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