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System Requirements

The minimal and suggested system configuration to get the most out of your Glas-Avenue software


Glass Software Features

Check out all of the features and benefits found in Mainstreet Computer's Glas-Avenue software


Glas-Avenue Software Modules

  • Auto Glass Point of Sale

    Auto Glass Point of Sale provides everything an auto glass shop will need for quoting, invoicing, and processing auto glass insurance claims. A three-step process makes navigating the NAGS list prices a cinch.

  • Flat Glass Point of Sale

    Flat Glass Point of Sale provides all the tools a flat glass business will need to track the day-to-day quoting and invoicing. An intuitive flat glass parts search makes it easy for your CSRs to quote potential customers without overlooking any additional parts required for the job.

  • Tech View

    Thanks to Glas-Avenue Tech View, your technicians in the field can login to check their schedule, update work order information, and more!

  • e-Commerce

    Glas-Avenue e-Commerce consists of two modules to help speed up the processing of insurance claims. The GLAXIS system pulls new insurance dispatches right into POS while EDI sends the invoices out for payment and helps you decipher any rejection that comes from the insurance company.

  • Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Receivable is used to manage your revenue stream, customer aging, bank deposits, and all other actions related to money coming into your business.

  • Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable maintains your daily and monthly expenses including purchases for jobs, equipment upkeep, and all the other expenses incurred by your business. Accounts Payable also features an electronic checkbook, reoccurring invoices, and interfaces with Glas-Avenue Purchase Orders.

  • General Ledger

    General Ledger is the glue that holds the Glas-Avenue Accounting System together. General Ledger collects all the information from all your Glas-Avenue modules, processes it for current balances and makes it readily available to you by year, quarter, month, day, or even individual transaction.

  • Credit Card Swipe

    Credit Card Swipe for Glas-Avenue lets you instantly process, deposit, and post a customer's credit card payment. Install the easy to use card swipe to as many work stations as you need.

  • Inventory

    Glas-Avenue Inventory keeps track of your stock by instantly updating your system by "committing" parts to work orders and "using" parts for invoices to give you a crystal clear picture of your inventory stock at any given time.

  • Purchase Orders

    Glas-Avenue Purchase Orders makes a snap to connect the parts you need to a specific work order or invoice. You can see when a part was ordered, who it is coming from, and tie the cost of the part(s) into your invoice for a specific P&L on each job.

  • Scheduler

    Glas-Avenue Scheduler is a must for keeping your technicians as productive as possible.  When used with Glas-Avenue Tech View, managers have an even more precise view of the day's work as technicians update their status from the job-site.

  • DataTrax Reporting

    For the manager that wants to know EVERYTHING, Glas-Avenue DataTrax provides a huge list of additional reporting for Glas-Avenue.  Check on employee productivity, run monthly sales comparisons, look into voided job reasons, review the effectiveness of your advertising, and much more.

  • e-Ordering

    The e-Ordering software module for Glas-Avenue 8.0 automatically collects jobs from your website's auto glass estimator and delivers them to your Point of Sale screen for instant conversion to work orders.

  • Mailing List

    Stay in touch with your customers with Glas-Avenue Mailing List. This "list builder" will help you target specific customers for your marketing endeavors. Build your mailing list based on a customer's last purchase, zip code, vehicle year, and more.

  • Glas-Avenue Hosted

    Glas-Avenue Hosted provides access to all your Glas-Avenue features and customer history from anywhere!  Plus, Mainstreet takes care of all your database backups, software upgrades, and data updates. The best part of Glas-Avenue Hosted is that you ALWAYS get the latest edition of Glas-Avenue FREE!

  • Glas-Avenue Enterprise

    For glass businesses that operate out of multiple locations, Glas-Avenue Enterprise lets you monitor each glass shop from one area.  Each employee is assigned to a location to ensure that anything that employee saves is assigned to the correct shop. Once saved, a variety of location filters makes it easy for managers to get to the numbers they need.

  • VIN Decoder

    The Glas-Avenue VIN Decoder is a must have for auto glass businesses.  This easy to use tool guarantees your technicians are quoting glass for the correct vehicle.

  • Administration

    Glas-Avenue Administration gives glass business managers complete access over everything in your Glas-Avenue system.  Customize your invoices, lock employees out of sensitive areas, manage your backups, and more.

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