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Oct 01, 2011

System Requirements

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Glass Software Features

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Accounts Payable

Glas-Avenue Accounts Payable software offers a point and click checkbook as well as a number of useful tools and reports to simplify this portion of your bookkeeping. Accounts Payable software allows you to keep detailed records on each of your suppliers including basic contact information, activity, aging, last payment and amount, default ledger accounts for postings, and even automatically reoccurring invoices for monthly expenses such as rent. For your auto glass suppliers, an "Import Vendor Costs" option allows you to keep up-to-date costs for all the parts you order from all suppliers and links these costs to your Point of Sale invoice. This cross-module interface allows your CSRs to compare prices for any given job prior to ordering the parts which will increase your bottom line on each and every invoice entered. Several Administration controls even allow you to set how and when your vendor costs are posted for profit/loss calculations!


How it Works

Accounts Payable for Glas-Avenue is one of four modules that make up the Glas-Avenue Accounting family. Use Accounts Payable to manage all your expenditures from vendor purchases and installation materials to vehicle payments and other company liabilities.


  • Integrate with Glas-Avenue Inventory and Purchase Order modules
  • Track all of your payable accounts (e.g. inventory and supply vendors, utilities, loans, and leases)
  • Enter vendor invoices, reoccurring invoices, and corresponding data rapidly with the “Save and Continue with Same Vendor” option
  • Receive items into Inventory through Accounts Payable, or retrieve data from previously entered packing slips from Inventory
  • Pay all of your vendors at one time using either the easy check writing feature, EFT, or credit card
  • Print checks with vendor name and address for windowed envelopes
    Select a miscellaneous check option for special payments like COD or other situations in which a vendor invoice has not been entered
  • Also allows for payments by credit card
  • Reconcile bank statements and credit card statements by matching  the information on those statements with the information in your Glas-Avenue system
  • Generate 1099 reports
  • Utilize Vendor List, Activity, and Aging Reports
  • Organize Payment Report by check, EFT and credit card
  • Check accounts in Open Items Report
  • Use Check Register Report to confirm accurate records
  • See all POs for each invoice with Invoice Purchase Order Report
  • Add printable notes to vendors for purchase order printing
  • Add pop-up notes to vendors


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